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Samurai Rampage

Prepare yourself for tons of excitement before you try Samurai Rampage. You'll be joining forces with a fearless warrior in this thrilling online game.

He's got tons of really annoying demons to deal with in this challenging action game. Tag along with him while he slices and dices his way through as many of them as he can. He'll also be going up against some really tough bosses as well. Fortunately, he'll be able to give his abilities a boost between missions.

How to Play Samurai Rampage?

Team up with a brave samurai in this exciting online game. He'll be using his sword to defeat a seemingly endless army of demons. You’ll only have a few seconds to destroy each one so you’ll have to move fast!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to use your samurai sword.

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Who Developed Samurai Rampage?

Samurai Rampage was created by MarketJS.