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Find Cat 2

Where has that funny furball gone this time? He could be hiding anywhere in Find Cat 2

There's a chance that he's over in the park, but he may also have taken a stroll down Shopping Street. Will you be able to locate him in all of the delightful and challenging levels in this cute and hilarious cat game

Once he's been found, help his owner use various tools and clever tactics to fetch him. Getting him down from a tree should be easy, but removing him from a brick wall definitely won't! 

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How to Play Find Cat 2

In Find Cat 2, your goal is to help a girl rescue her cat in each level. Doing this is harder than it might seem at first! You’ll need to use various items and tools to get the feisty feline out of trees and other difficult to reach places.

 Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for tools and other useful items. 
  • LEFT CLICK to combine or use them while you help the girl get her cat back. 

About the Game Developer 

Find Cat 2 was created by ConchGame, a gaming company that also designed Poly Art 3D.